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Art: Sisterhood Justice

Sisterhood Justice

Sisterhood Justice

by Jaylina Radca


In my painting titled “Sisterhood Justice," I pay tribute to the four women killed in El Salvador on December 2nd of 1980. Their names were Sr. Maura Clarke, Sr. Ita Ford, Sr. Dorothy Kazel and Jean Donovan. Both Ita and Maura were part of the Maryknoll Community, Dorothy was an Ursuline Sister, and Jean Donovan was a lay missioner. All four of the women killed did extensive mission work to help those less fortunate than them and aided in times of need in third world countries.

The colors I have chosen for this painting all have significant meaning in terms of justice to the women as well as some religious meaning that tied into their work. The color red pictured here represents the blood lost by all four of the sisters. It is honoring the sisters not only as mission workers and sisters but as well as honoring them as women in general. The color purple represents spirituality throughout the sisters. They were spreading the word of God and his spirit by helping out those less fortunate and giving them hope. The color blue is representing peace. The women wanted to peacefully help the poor living in rural areas and wanted nothing in return for it. They were simply trying to provide a gentle aid. Finally, the color pink represents love. All four of the women had such an intense love for the church and humanity which is why they put themselves in a troubled country at the time.


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