The digital exhibits hosted here are part of the digital component of history courses taught at Cleveland State University by Shelley E. Rose.

The 2019 "Cleveland Latin American Mission Team in Context" exhibit was created by undergraduate history and social studies majors in HIS 299 "Introduction to Historical Studies."

The 2017 exhibits represent the "Politics of Peace and Gender Course" in Fall 2017. This course will be offered in Fall 2020 as HIS 471 "Politics of Protest and Gender." For more information see below:

HIS 471 Course Description

This course investigates perceptions of peace and gender in politics, drawing on insights from international relations and human rights history to study gendered conceptualizations of peace as “feminine” and assumptions that militarism and war are historically “masculine.” The chronology of the course begins with Bertha von Suttner’s pacifist novel Lay Down your Arms! (1889) and ends in the present day. Through primary and secondary research, students will evaluate the importance of gender analysis in the study of war and its opponents. In particular, this course emphasizes the various roles of men and women participating in protest events and the spaces they choose to occupy. The course fosters a transnational perspective, highlighting different historical and geographical contexts such as 19th-century nationalism in Europe, the experience and aftermath of World War I, international debates around disarmament including nuclear disarmament, gendered violence during the dirty wars in Latin America and the Arab Spring, and more recent mass transnational protest events such as the Women’s March on Washington and the Occupy Movement.

Digital Humanities

This course includes a digital humanities component that emphasizes transferable historical thinking and digital literacy skills. Each student constructed an historical case study on the relationships between gender and peace in various protest events. No previous digital experience is required for this course. 

Enjoy the exhibits!

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