Four Dead in Ohio: An Analysis of Space

The May 4th demonstrations at Kent State University were first and foremost a reflection of space, and the occupation of that space by both protestors and National Guard members. The demonstration unofficially began on Friday, May 1st in the Commons, located near Taylor Hall and Blanket Hill. For those unfamiliar with the Kent State campus, there is also a victory bell located at the edge of the field near Taylor Hall, which was where the initial demonstration and the symbolic burial of a copy of the U.S. Constitution took place. Moving on to Saturday, May 2nd, the ROTC building on campus was set on fire. This building was located very near to the commons, and was thus an extension of the occupation of the space. The protests began to really swell on Sunday, May 3 with the arrival of Governor Rhodes. During the day, there were few gatherings, however, as night fell, groups of protestors and demonstrators began to occupy not just the commons, but in fact, began to cover almost the entire campus. Then, of course, were the events of May 4th itself, which took place mostly in the commons and in front of Taylor Hall.


Created as part of the Politics of Peace and Gender course at Cleveland State Universe